Sunday, 14 December 2014

Lush Wishlist

Hello there!

On Saturday my boyfriend and I went christmas shopping in the very festive town of Cheltenham. We found ourselves in Lush where we bought some presents for the family. Whilst we were there I found my self wanting literally every single product the shelves were covered in. It has such an enticing smell and it makes you want to dive into a bath of colour and sparkle! 

I picked up a little book that they had with all the permanent lines in it and also a section for the Christmas products. So I thought I would do a wish list of what I want and hopefully be purchasing after I have finished my Christmas shopping!



This is a treatment that improves the scalp condition and is targeted at thin and lifeless hair. It is safe to say I have ruined my hair over the years with hair colour and extensions so it could do with a treatment. This is meant to bring volume and life back by stimulating the scalp, after all it needs a little TLC.

'Shampoo Bars'

It's like a bar of soap for your hair! Personally, I've never heard of anything like this so I am super excited to try them!


i've always been a bit skeptical of using henna as a hair dye, but after reading lots of reviews I am itching to give it a go!

Bath Bombs

I absolutely love the Lush bath bombs, as I expect every girl does! I have tried quite a few of the Lush bath bombs but here are a few more that i'd like to try...

Space Girl
Tisty Tosty
Sex Bomb
The comforter

Shower Jellies 

Now I have heard something I really want to try, you know when you go to a spa and you rub the cold ice all over yourself, its so refreshing and wakes you up, well you can do this with these shower gels! Just freeze them!

I've got my eye on 'Sweetie Pie', cherries, coconut, jelly and SPARKLES!

Body Tint

I'm not one for fake tan at all, but I haven't been on holiday this year so didn't get much of a tan which is depressing. I am going on holiday for my 18th though and don't want to be the only girl on the beach looking whiter than the sand! So I've bought the body tint and i'm on a mission! It's a bar that you rub on to your body and the heat melts in then just rub it in!

Last but not least..

Colour Supplements

When I give my face a break from foundation its not a pretty sight but there is an alternative! These skin tints from lush are like little pots of goodness for your skin! A great alternative!

Sorry for the long post, just so excited about lush! It is definitely one of the best shops on the high street and there is something there for everyone! Even men so don't be scared!

What are your favourite lush products? Is there anything you'd like to try? Any recommendations?

Love Jordan, Bellezza x

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