Friday, 20 February 2015

Winter Getaway

As the winter nights got longer and the days got colder, my boyfriend and I decided to book a week away in the sun which wasn't going to set us back a fortune. So after many nights of scrolling through travel sites and talking to people about a possible destination.

We finally settled on Costa Adeje, Tenerife. Mainly because it was going to be hot, sunny, cheap and fun. However we did have this niggling dread that it was going to be just like Benidorm. We couldn't have been more wrong.

It was honestly a lovely place to visit and we both said we would go back tomorrow. We stayed in the Isla Bonita hotel with the all inclusive package. We didn't have one complaint, but if you can really call it a problem (which it wasn't)  it would be the alcohol measures. They have no concept of how much Vodka to put in one drink. Who's complaining!

There is never enough things to do on this island including things like Jet Skiing and a lot of water activities. We decided to make our way up to the 3000+ metre volcano as we don't get to see one every day and there aren't many places that you can get right to the top of. It was truly stunning on top of the volcano and a must for anyone who wants to go to Tenerife

All in all we had an absolutely amazing holiday and are very much looking forwards to our next one!

Please comment if you have been anywhere that you would recommend because I would love to start looking for our next one now!

What was your favourite holiday?

Love, Bellezza x

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