Monday, 16 March 2015

April Wishlist

Now I know that this is a bit early for an April Wishlist and the reason for that is because I have had my eyes on a few products/items for a while now but I haven't been able to afford much recently because my boyfriend and I moved into our first home together a couple of weekends ago. We love it so so much and are very happy. But instead of going on about that which I know none of you will be bothered about I will get on to the whole point of this blog. What I would like to get my hands on in April.

The first product that I have been wanting to try is the Charlotte Tilbury - Multi Miracle Glow. I have to admit I am not the most thorough when it comes to cleansing my face and taking my makeup off. I'm a make-up wipe and a bit of moisturiser kinda girl. However recently I have started to notice that my skin has been feeling more dry and not looking as healthy as it should be. So its time for a change and I  would really like to try this product. I have heard a lot of good things about this little pot of goodness. We all adore her make-up collection so the skin care range can only be as good, if not better!

The next product that I am wanting so bad is the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eye Palette. Number 1, the packaging is a chocolate bar! And the colours are so pretty. It has 16 chocolate inspired colours, some matte, some shimmer and a few daring colours that are just to tempting to not try! Again, I've heard a lot of great reviews about this little palette of deliciousness and to top it off it even smells like chocolate. 

The last item that is remotely related to the rest of this blog post is a dressing table and chair. We ventured in to Dunelms the other day and I instantly fell in love with this dressing table and chair set. It is just what i'm looking for to put in our spare room so I can pamper myself each morning. It is shabby chic yet stylish and elegant. This is something i'm sure my boyfriend will appreciate, maybe not. And this is where you can take a look for yourself.

That will be the end of my blog otherwise I will go on forever and thats not very fun for you all.
Thankyou for reading and please let me know if you guys have any products that you would like to try or think that I would like please comment and let me know!

Lots of love, Jordan, Bellezza x

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  1. My Charlotte Tilbrury wish list is so long! I want everything! I'll have to add that to my list