Sunday, 22 March 2015

Homeware Sneak Peak

Recently my boyfriend and I moved in to our first house together. Now one of the most exciting things about that is decorating and putting our on stamp on our furniture that our families have kindly helped out with. Obviously we don't have a lot of money as it takes a lot of saving and time and effort to actually get the house in the first place. So we are just buying bits and bobs when we have spare money, which isn't very often unfortunately. 

So I thought I would share some of my favourite little items that have made my kitchen a cosier and more homely place. We have quite a big kitchen and there is a huge space for a big table and chairs. However we sometimes like to sit in the lounge whilst we are eating so we can catch up on our favourite tv shows, I know its not ideal. So instead of just having a large wooden table and nothing on it I decided to buy a few things to make it look nicer even if it is not being used. 

I live in a small village/town in the Cotswolds and there is an amazing shop that is stacked high with shabby chic goodness and so I am forever in there eyeing up what I can get when I get paid. At the moment I am finding Homeware shopping just as exciting as I find clothes shopping!

So here are a few pictures of what I have lying around...

So this is what my table looks like at the end. Subtle lighting and flowers to keep it looks fresh and cosy! 

I found these glass coasters in a little shop in a town near us, they are actually drinks coasters but I thought they would be perfect to hold candles instead of the wax getting all over the table and being near enough impossible to get off.

One of my favourite items that I bought is this set of four place mats. These are also from that little shop in our town named Orchard Layne in Chipping Campden. I absolutely adore these place mats as I think they are so stylish in their Silver/Grey lace effect and they look good just on the table even if you aren't using the table. I think these were around £1.50 each.

And last but not least is my little black vase from the one and only IKEA. I had to pick this up when I saw it. I think it is just ideal to have some flowers as a centre piece on the table or on a coffee table. It isn't huge so you would have to split a bunch of flowers in two but I also think it looks great with some artificial flowers which Ikea also sell!

Please let me know if you like my items or if you have any suggestions of what I might like!

Lots of love, Jordan, Bellezza x

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